At MY BROTHER’S KEEPER (MBK), we’ve adopted the philosophy “Hard Work Beats Talent When Talent Doesn’t Work Hard”.  Our coaches prepare our athletes with this in mind. The results of applying this philosophy speak for themselves. MBK began with five athletes in January 2015, and with hard work and perseverance, marched their way to the awards podium at the 2015 and 2016 AAU Junior Olympics. We most certainly believe that CHAMPIONS are indeed made! We realize there are differences between the physical ability of athletes, but our belief is that every athlete with the desire and determination to succeed has the opportunity to do just that. With the continued support of coaches and parents almost anything is possible!


MBK Track Club was established in January 2015 in Riverview, Florida. Jonathan Terry “Coach JT” founded the track club with the help of THE CRESCENT FOUNDATION. My Brother’s Keeper is an all-boys track club that is focused on the total enrichment of the student athlete. We believe education, athletics, and community awareness are vital to the development of well rounded, successful young men. Our coaches encourage a family atmosphere in all activities and we expect the boys to look out for each other. That’s why the name “MY BROTHER’S KEEPER” has proven to be the perfect choice.

Mission Statement

We are a nonprofit organization that gives young Men & Boys Knowledge about manhood thru physical fitness.  (Using athletics to inspire, empower, instill strong work ethics, and mold young men into leaders of tomorrow.)



MBK’s goal is to mentor the young men that will become the leaders in our communities.  Though there are many paths to success, we believe the combination of education, community service, and athletics will give our boys the tools they need to accomplish their goals. We don’t want to be just another track club, our goal is to be a cohesive family unit. At MBK we truly believe that “Hard Work Beats Talent When Talent Doesn’t Work Hard”.

Coach Jonathan Terry (JT)

My name is Jonathan Terry, aka Coach JT. I have been coaching AAU Track & Field for 4 years. After coaching two years with my previous track club, I decided to follow my vision to focus on young men. I was able to connect with a group called The Crescent Foundation. Where their mission is to “Promote programs and activities that target males 13-18, provide educational and social activities for said group”. Several conversations later and I started “My Brother’s Keeper” Track Club. An all boys team to change the dynamics of a sporting event culture. Of course there are distinctions between physical ability from one athlete to another, but it is my belief that every athlete with the desire and determination to succeed can do just that with the support of their coach and parent. My Brother’s Keeper’s Track Club focuses on mentoring young men and having them give back to the community through service projects to help the communities we’re a part of. The goal is for these young to have a path to success by highlighting their talents through education and sports. I strive to influence the MBKNation that we’re just not a track club, but a cohesive family. When it comes to these athletes and their family, My goal is to have them live by “Hard Works Beats Talent, When Talent Don’t Work hard” in every aspect of their life. We believe in our ability, We believe in the process, and We believe in the GRIND.

Volunteering is generally considered an altruistic activity where an individual provides services for no financial gain… Some volunteers are trained in the areas they work, Other’s serve purely out of a passion to serve and help others, with this being said the following people volunteer in the following positions:


Assistant Coach – Shawn Burney ……

Assistant Coach – Steven Smith …

Assistant Coach – Frank Thomas…..

Videographer/Travel Coordinator – Eboni Stiff

Membership/Registration – Fiona McLaughlin

Treasurer/Fundraiser – Wanda Terry